Going into 2020: How do you build a strong work force

Potential investors are more attracted to businesses that have empowered their employees and engaged them to go above and beyond to satisfy customers and ensure the company’s success. Ultimately, highly engaged employees boost company values.

There are five critical activities you need to employ to build a strong 


1) Recruitment is where it all begins. Hire carefully — this is an essential step in building a workforce. Assembling a robust interview team with a coordinated process and proven methods for surfacing desirable attributes like self-motivation, resiliency, integrity, and work ethic will increase the odds of a well-chosen hire. By recruiting the right employees, your company can better motivate, retain, and engage your entire workforce.

  1. Competitive advantage can and should be a conscious part of your business growth strategy. It gives your company an edge in recruiting the most-talented candidates and keeping them. An appealing working environment, along with flexible work arrangements, also attracts and builds a solid workforce. Of course, offering competitive compensation and benefits is key as well.
  2. Engagement is the holy grail of employee satisfaction. Employee engagement is at an all-time low, according to Gallup. The emotional commitment an employee has to an organization and its goals results in greater expenditure of discretionary effort. Engagement is all about connecting and understanding your workforce. Positive, two-way communication across all levels of management encourages engagement.
  3. Performance evaluations should be used to provide feedback and confirm employees are accomplishing goals and making a valuable contribution. When evaluations have clear, achievable objectives that measure individual, team, and organizational performance, employees tend to register higher levels of engagement in their work. Measuring performance allows employees to be challenged, and those metrics can be tied back to retention. Employee performance evaluations serve as an effective tool to help management align workforce performance with company goals while also building meaningful career paths for valued employees.
  4. Line of sight as to how employee efforts impact the needs of customers creates purpose. The right motivation encourages people to work harder and longer as employees discover greater purpose in the execution of their jobs. Clearly communicating your business mission and jointly outlining a clear path for job advancement within that mission can mean the difference between a job and a calling for employees.

Landing the perfect recruit for your Organization.

Is there anything like landing the perfect recruit?

At VirtualHR we believe that to get a perfect fit for your organization you need to follow a set of processes to land the right candidate. Below is a sample breakdown which may vary from organization to organization

1.Improve Your Candidate Pool When Recruiting Employees

Companies that select new employees from the candidates who walk in their door or answer an ad in the paper or online are missing the best candidates. They’re usually working for someone else and they may not even be looking for a new position. Here are the steps to take to improve your candidate pool.

  • Invest time in developing relationships with university placement offices, recruiters, and executive search firms.
  • Enable current staff members to actively participate in industry professional associations and conferences where they are likely to meet candidates you may successfully woo.
  • Watch the online job boards for potential candidates who may have resumes online even if they’re not currently looking.
  • Use professional association websites and magazines to advertise for professional staff.
  • Look for potential employees on LinkedIn and in other social media outlets. Encourage your employees to refer friends and professional colleagues who they may know online, to your company. Bring your best prospects in to meet them before you need them.

The key is to build your candidate pool before you need it. 

2.Hire the Sure Thing When Recruiting Employees

They say that you must hire the candidates whom you believe can hit the ground running in your company. You can’t afford the time to train a possibly successful candidate.

3. Look First at In-House Candidates

Providing promotional and lateral opportunities for current employees positively boosts morale and makes your current staff members feel their talents, capabilities, and accomplishments are appreciated. Always post positions internally first.

Give potential candidates an interview. It’s a chance for you to know them better. They learn more about the goals and needs of the organization. Sometimes, a good fit is found between your needs and theirs.

4. Be Known as a Great Employer

This is how you build your reputation and your company brand. You’ll want the best prospects seeking you out because they respect and want to work for your brand. 

Take a look at your employee practices for retention, motivation, accountability, reward, recognition, flexibility in work-life balance, promotion, and involvement. These are your key areas for becoming an employer of choice.

You want your employees bragging that your organization is a great place to work. People will believe your employees before they believe what you write in the corporate literature or on your recruiting website.

5.Involve Your Employees in the Hiring Process

You have three opportunities to involve your employees in the hiring process.

  1. Your employees can recommend excellent candidates for your firm.
  2. They can assist you to review resumes and qualifications of potential candidates.
  3. They can help you interview people to assess their potential “fit” within your company.

Organizations that fail to use employees to assess potential employees are underutilizing one of their most important assets. People who participate in the selection process are committed to helping the new employee succeed. It can’t get any better than that for you and the new employee.

6.Pay Better Than Your Competition

Yes, you do get what you pay for in the job market. Survey your local job market and take a hard look at the compensation people in your industry attract. You want to pay better than average to attract and keep the best candidates

7. Use Your Benefits to Your Advantage In Recruiting Employees

Keep your benefits above industry standard and add new benefits as you can afford to add them. You also need to educate employees about the cost and value of their benefits so they appreciate how well you are looking out for their needs.

Employees treasure flexibility and the opportunity to balance work with other life responsibilities, interests, and issues. You can’t be an employer of choice without a good benefits package that includes standard benefits such as medical insurance and retirement.

8.Hire the Smartest Person You Can Find

People don’t change that much. Don’t waste time trying to put in what was left out. Try to draw out what was left in. That is hard enough.

If you’re looking for someone who will work well with people, you need to hire an individual who has the talent of working well with people. You’re unlikely to train missing talents into the person later. 

9. Use Your Website for Recruiting

Your website portrays your vision, mission, values, goals, and products. It is also effective for recruiting employees who experience a resonance with what you state on your site. Your website should provide insight into the culture and work environment that you offer for employees.

You do want to create an employment section which describes your available positions and contains information about you and why an interested person might want to contact your company. A recruiting website is your opportunity to shine and a highly effective way to attract candidates.

10. Check References When Recruiting Employees

The purpose of this section is to keep you out of trouble with the candidates you are seeking and selecting and the employees you currently employ. You really need to check references carefully and do background checks.