Outsourcing Payroll

Employees are among an organization’s most important stakeholders, their ability, knowledge and experience ensure there is business continuity. Virtual HR purposes for employees to be remunerated for this contribution promptly and accurately by offering quality payroll services. Remuneration is the total compensation a business pays its employees for a set period or on a given date through the payroll. Our company executes payroll management for organizations’ smooth administration of staff financial reports such as wages, salaries, deductions and bonuses.

A business entity of high profile such as yours, can outsource payroll by hiring Virtual HR to manage all your payroll functions which in return will free up both time and resources allowing your company to focus on core tasks by reducing costs and the risks involved. 

The task of managing payment of wages and salaries by a company to its staff is known as payroll processing. To automate the payroll process we use a payroll system which can be integrated with leave and attendance tracking systems and employee service portal to keep track of employee working hours, calculate salaries, taxes and deductions. Payroll processing steps include gathering employee time information for a selected time period, managing of benefits and deductions through payroll calculation and distributing employee pay for that period.


Precision, an important quality in our company is required during this process and involves determination of payroll gross income (Basic Pay+

Benefits/Allowances/Commissions), followed by subtraction of deductions and payroll taxes (% of employee’s pay to the government) to arrive at payroll net income (employees take home after all deductions).

Compliance to payroll statutory and filing of returns to Kenya Revenue Authority as directed by the Kenyan Law is mandatory during the payroll process to avoid any litigation issues. Virtual HR is committed to your organization’s unwrinkled relationship with the government. Statutory deductions include;

  • PAYE -Tax required to be deducted by an employer from an employee’s taxable pay.
  • NSSF Deductions- Mandatory contributions made by the employer on behalf of the employee towards Kenya’s main retirement benefit scheme. Virtual HR verifies that this process is timely and faultless.
  • NHIF Deductions- Mandatorycontributions made to the primary health insurance provider in Kenya. 
  • Tax deductions- Apercentage withheld from an employee’s pay by an employer who in turn remits it to the government.

An employer should pave way for a comfortable retirement life of employees and Virtual HR ensures correct Collecting Pensions by consolidating NSSF Deductions and the Provident Fund which in the long run provides a monthly income for their declining years. 

Accountability in this process is achieved by issuing Pay slips to employees containing a list of components of their salary along with specific details of employment.

Encountering challenges with payroll processing? Worry No More

Virtual HR Services Limited is an organization that offers customized human resource services to clients to address human resource needs. Our purpose is to help existing clients and potential clients succeed in the market to achieve their goals. We offer a wide variety of human resource services such as: Human Resource Administration, Performance Management Systems, Human Resource Audits, Recruitment and Trainings, Competency Assessment Tests, Outsourced Human Resource Manager and Payroll Processing.

We outsource Payroll processing, which is the rewarding of employees for their services based on wages and deductions after a specific payroll period. We offer end to end payroll processing services, prepare schedules for statutory submissions and prepare the income tax reports.


We have dedicated payroll experts that are able to prepare a timely, reliable and accurate payroll in compliance with the Statutory Regulations of Kenya and as per the agreed timelines with the client. All the payroll payments and statutory deductions to the relevant authorities are done on time. The payroll services are done under high security levels maintaining confidentiality of employee’s remuneration and the organization’s payment structure.

Advancement in technological trends has enabled us to have a broader perspective of payroll services we offer to our clients. We have an operating payroll system known as the Payslip Maker. The Payslip Maker has the ability to capture all employee information and process end to end payroll services. The employee information contains the payroll gross pay where the system automatically deducts all the payroll statutory and payroll taxes i.e. PAYE, NHIF, NSSF, KRA, pension deductions and any other deductions. After all the deductions the software does a payroll calculation to get the Payroll net income which is the pay an employee is entitled to and thereafter a payslip is generated which is sent to the employee. The statutory tax deductions made are submitted to the relevant authorities as per the set timelines.

The payroll system we have in place has significant features; it is automated to process the payroll and deliver the payslip to the individual staff email. This has lessened the costs inquired in printing and filing of payslips. It maintains payroll management records and generate all income tax records thus promoting transparency. Staff are more motivated when the payroll process is effective and enables them get their pay on time. How about you joining us for quality, timely and accurate payroll processing services?



Virtual Human Resource (VHR), a Human Resource Outsourcing firm, dealing with variety of products such as; Outsourced Human Resource Manager, Human Resource Audits, Performance Management Systems, Human Resource Administration, Talent search and Competency Assessment Tests, has been at the forefront of excellence when it comes to customer satisfaction. The company is passionate about its payroll operations and delivers a client-oriented approach. It works in partnership with clients to find and create an exceptionally talented workforce. For many years, VHR has continued to offer excellent services to its clients, and while we boast many products and services, payroll management remains at the heart of what we do. The company manages and administers financial records like salaries, deductions, and bonuses. It also offers outstanding review and verification of payroll documentation and scrutinization of transactions for accuracy and compliance with laws, regulations, and agreements.

Our team, consists of Human Resource Professionals who are versatile with payroll services, we offer efficient and highly valuable payroll services that have proven to be a less expensive alternative to in-housing processing. The payroll services include monitoring employee time and attendance, ensuring correct deductions, making deposit adjustments, and calculating payroll and tax obligations. To address gaps that come with payrolls, VHR has invested in high-quality outsourced payroll services through partnerships with service providers who offer tailored solutions to specific client needs.  Through these providers, we have developed a web-based connection that eases management and request of the company’s accruals on employee pay, including filing returns on one’s behalf. VHR has invested in a software to perfect payroll calculation processes. The system we use contains payroll systems with a self-service portal that aids in tracking employees’ working hours, calculate salaries and deductions, and generating pay slips.  

As a payroll statutory requirement, VHR is tasked to deduct payroll taxes for example, PAYE from employees and submitting relevant data, such as payment schedules and e-slip to KRA on behalf of employees. It is compulsory for organizations and employees to sign up for government deductions like NHIF and NSSF which we can advise on for start-ups and reach out to relevant stakeholders. We provide employees with an effective collection of pension benefits and periodic income streams once retired.

VHR expedites payroll processing and management of wage payments to its employees. Payroll processing assists in identifying total payroll costs in terms of factoring in payroll gross income, payroll net income, and collecting pensions.  It is crucial that a company’s payroll taxes are catered for on time and correctly because there is risk of attracting tax penalties.  Our payroll processing map ensures accuracy in calculations including correct amount of taxes, company benefits, and deductions.





Run your payroll more efficiently.

Virtual HR is a payroll management solution expert. We provide your business with the adaptable, practical payroll assistance it requires. We approach outsourced payroll diversely, providing a variety of payroll services such as payroll statutory deductions, i.e., NSSF, NHIF, and PAYE, and other services involved in payroll processing, i.e., collecting pensions, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Our payroll solutions can help you manage all remuneration-related information and ensure that your company’s specific policies and procedures are followed in developing a payslip. Our payroll system is tailored to the user’s specific needs and can support key payroll calculations.

How we do it: We calculate employee wages by ensuring that payroll statutory deductions are applied to the employees’ payroll gross income and filed with the relevant authorities such as The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) by the specific deadlines for filing the returns, which are set on the 9th of each month, and that the employee salaries are deposited to the employee listed bank account on time. Following the application of the statutory deductions, other applicable voluntary deductions, such as pension, salary advance and bank loans, must be applied to arrive at the payroll net income.

Keeping up with regulatory and compliance requirements, such as filing returns and paying payroll taxes, is critical to a company’s long-term viability and operational integrity. However, not many businesses can afford to have a dedicated team to ensure this. Virtual Human Resources Consultants have extensive experience in both developed and emerging markets. Our clients benefit from our insights, expertise, and regular updates, which ensure that they are always on the right side of the law and fully compliant in whatever market they operate in.

Advantages to working with us: You can be confident that your employees are paid correctly, on time, every time, with a 99.8 percent accuracy rate. We also have a large team of industry specialists on call to assist you every day, and your data is securely stored based on the ISO 27001:2013 standards, ensuring the safety of your employees’ information and supporting your business continuity plan.

There is no doubt that getting people’s pay wrong or late is a sure-fire way to make them feel undervalued and demotivated. However, if you’re running your payroll internally, it’s an easy mistake to make when payroll processes aren’t automated. Each payroll run involves numerous manual calculations, and human error is unavoidable.

That is why many people choose to outsource their payroll, especially when switching to a managed service means far fewer errors.

A more consistent and dependable payroll experience equals a happier workforce and higher retention.

Why Companies Need to Outsource Payroll services

There is  no doubt that payroll is the largest expense for most businesses and managing it can be a nightmare. Payroll outsourcing allows an organization to use a third party service provider to handle the administrative and compliance tasks associated with employee pay. Virtual HR Services offers outsourced HR and payroll services that will allow your managers to prioritize on core tasks in the organizations and therefore more productivity in the organization. We offer services to Kenyan employers and foreign businesses looking to set up in Kenya.

At Virtual HR Services we provide the following comprehensive payroll services to clients depending on their needs.

  • Provide a customized payroll service
  • Preparing the monthly payroll
  • Pay slips processing for each staff member
  • Making any salary adjustments  – these include commission payments, overtime payments and bonus payments
  • Preparing statutory submissions schedules for NHIF, NSSF, PAYE, NITA, HELB and make the necessary uploads,
  • Make payments of statutory deductions
  • Prepare the relevant annual and quarterly income tax reports

For organizations to be able to pay their contractors on time, efficient payroll processing is a necessity. I am of the idea that organizations should make use of outsourced HR services especially with reputable firms such as Virtual HR who will guarantee them efficiency and competency in monthly payroll processing. You do not have to worry about fines since we will handle filing of tax returns and payments to ensure compliance. Our professional team of experts are keen in handling payroll calculations and  updating any tax regulation changes to save you the hustle and bustle of  following up with law officials such as KRA in regards to compliance.

Your employees can be guaranteed of error free pay slips and timely payment of salaries. We are keen on ensuring confidentiality of staff payroll information considering how sensitive the issue of salaries is to majority of employees. There is no doubt that with our payroll systems you are guaranteed of streamlined salaries, bonuses, pension deductions, taxes, and any other necessary aspects of employee net pay. More so gross income and net income calculations for individual employees will appear on their pay slips.

Outsourcing payroll services enables you to prioritize on core organizational tasks which will boost your productivity. Consequently, there is everything to gain with outsourced payroll services.