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Performance Management System

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How do you measure the performance of each of your staff?

The philosophy of Performance Culture is one of Over Performance. 

How do you streamline the objective of your organisation to the departmental goals and finally to individual goals?

The Process

The principle behind an effective remuneration structure is that staff should be rewarded for their level of performance.   The Performance Agreement process constitutes the variable portion of a person’s remuneration package.  The role of the Performance Management process is primarily to reward staff for their achievements and to help develop a performance culture within the company through:

Providing a basis for rewarding exceptional performance

Identifying development and training needs

Virtual HR will put in place a system that focuses staff on over performance

Features of this system include;

  • It allows setting of the periods that shall be applied to the Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • It allows weighting of the KPI
  • It uses a dynamic matrix to award a score to a KPI
  • It incorporates standard soft skills in the appraisal process
  • It uses a fool proof methodology to achieve the final score
  • It allows self-appraisal as well as supervisor appraisal
  • It allows for an agreed/common appraisal to be carried out
  • Only authorized users can access the online Performance Manager
  • Appraising is restricted to the individual or their supervisor.
  • Access to appraisal reports is limited to the appraiser and their supervisor
  • Incongruent appraisals can be identified and resolved
  • Duplicate appraisals cannot arise
  • It allows capturing of training needs during appraisals
  • It acts as a reference point reminding employees of the goals to achieve
  • It keeps performance history and can show the progress of an employee in terms of performance
  • It captures departmental goals
  • There are various filters for performance reporting
  • It incorporates the use of graphs for instant interpretation

The Outcome

  • All staff will have performance targets and measures
  • All these individual targets will be aligned to the organisational targets

The Value to your organisation

  • To align the whole organizational targets and strategy to individual targets
  • To help develop a performance culture within your organization
  • To Identify development and training needs
  • To reward staff for their achievements (this can be linked to salary reviews and bonus systems)
  • Provide a basis for rewarding exceptional performance
  • Focus on over performance