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Job Evaluation

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Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation is a technique, which will be used to rank jobs on the basis of the duties and responsibilities assigned to the job.

The benefits of this exercise will be:

  • Get clear job value comparisons
  • Standardization, clarity and uniformity in salary structure
  • Help in determining rates of new jobs

The Process

Job Evaluator: This is a web-based tool that facilitates the evaluation of jobs within an organization. The tool is customizable to fit the specific needs and structure of the organization.

Every organization is unique, so we design bespoke software that meets the needs of your organization


Features of this system include:

  • It allows revisiting a factor while still conducting an evaluation
  • Results of the evaluation are generated instantly.
  • Authorized users can access the system remotely; this means, one does not have to travel to the physical location where the system has been hosted. This results in significant cost savings to the organization.
  • Easily used in case of local or regional expansion – as new positions can be evaluated remotely.
  • There will be no need to maintain paper files as the system will be hosted, and audited online.
  • The system has an in-built audit trail that indicates who used it last, when and what was changed.
  • The ultimate custodian is able to limit access to pre-selected users.  This ensures confidentiality of the information.
  • The system can be used to evaluate new roles or when the job grows (added responsibilities).
  • The results from this system form the basis for an equitable remuneration structure.
  • Reevaluation emanating from validation is easy
  • It is light on resources and doesn’t require heavy investment in IT infrastructure
  • It uses standardized factors to evaluate all jobs
  • The options are designed in such a way that there is notable difference between one factor and the next

The Outcome

The outcome is a clear job grading and job comparison for each of the roles in your organisation. The outcome is a Job Evaluation and Grading system aligned to Paterson and Hay Job Evaluation.

The Value to your Organisation

The benefits of this exercise will be:

  • Get clear job value comparisons within your organization
  • Standardization and uniformity in salary structure
  • Market comparison of salaries and grades
  • Help in determining rates of new jobs
  • Salary management
  • Career management