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Job Analysis

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Job Analysis

Job Analysis is a method for identifying specific skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours necessary to fulfilling a task, activity or career.

Virtual HR Services in partnership with PDA International uses a world acclaimed online competency profiling tool, providing organisations with an accurate analysis of the technical and behavioural competencies that will ensure success for each of the job titles in your organisation

The Process

We use a web-based competency profiling tool that will enable you to determine the most essential competencies for a specific position in your organisation.

Our Expertise

Our lead consultant, Gladys Ogallo, is trained and certified by PDA International to use these tools.
Virtual HR Services Ltd will, using these PDA International online tools be able to develop and customise competency profiles for all the jobs in your organisation.

The Value to Your Orginisation

Using the latest technology, we will help you determine the most essential competencies for all the positions in your organisation.

This is the Scientific Management of Human Resources

You will use the outcome of this process in your organisation in the following areas:
• Job descriptions
• Defining competencies and performance criteria
• Appraisal
• Identifying development needs